Features & Development

Our department focuses on basic computer training. Furthermore, according to the trends, our research application fields include: 

•Software System Development

•Network Communication

•Data Analysis & Application

•Interactive Media

•Anticipated Developments

•Collaborate with mid- and large-sized enterprises to implement cooperative education programs

•Prepare to offer a doctoral program in order to nurture advanced professionals in the information field 


A professional specialty relating to information is indispensable for modern societal development. Therefore, depending on information skills and concepts of system construction, graduates can obtain jobs to put their expertise to good use in the information section of high-tech industry or general enterprise. In the employment aspect, robust practice and technical training enable students bring their skills into full play. Besides, through our four-year English curriculum, students are able to compete with others, not only in the domestic job market but in the world.

Further Study

  Our curriculum includes courses in related fields of information theory and techniques. Graduates can pursue a master’s degree in the fields of information, management and other professional applications either at home or abroad.

     For many years, faculty members have been striving to guide and assist students to pursue further education. Furthermore, they encourage students to participate in research projects subsidized by National Science Council. Influenced by both instruction and research, graduates are increasingly willing to develop their research potential.

National Examinations

  To meet the demands of the information society, every government department aggressively implements complete business automation, so information professionals are in demand. Students having a firm theoretical foundation and practical experience will be able to pass the national examination and work for the government to contribute what they have learned.

Degree Conferral Title

Student DivisionsDegrees ConferredCertificate in English
Undergraduate Division- Day DivisionBachelor of Science (B.S.)Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Master’s Class SectionMaster of Science (M.S.)Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering