Goals of Undergraduate  Program

■ Strengthening Theoretical Foundation
To develop students as  professionals with mathematical foundation, scientific foundation, and the knowledge of computer science and information engineering.

■ Advancing Skill Training
To develop students as engineers who have professional skills of computer science and information engineering so that they can meet job needs immediately

■ Promoting Professional Ethics
To develop students as  professionals who have academic ethics and the spirit of team work.

■ Developing Worldwide Views
To develop students as  professionals who have global views of computer and information engineering.

Goals of Graduate  Program​

■ Strengthening Professional Theory and Application
To develop students as  professionals with solid grasp of professional theories of computer science and information engineering and ability of application.

■ Nurturing Academic Research Competence
To develop students as professionals who are capable in problem discernment and problem solving, and able to compose  academic papers to facilitate participation in academic conferences.

■ Promoting Professional Skills
To develop students as professionals with emphasis on oral and written proficiency in conveying research progress and outcomes, and are prepared to work collaboratively.

■ Expanding All-around Views
To develop students as  professionals who possess awareness of rapidly developing disciplines, and are able to comprehend contemporary issues.